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why topaz?


Except to obtain some advantage from it

Industrial Marble

Topaz® industrial marble is composed of polymeric polystyrene polystyrene and ortho-phthalic polymers with a balanced ratio to meet the requirements of hard surfaces used in many fields to give high resistance to most commonly used physical and chemical agents.


Competitive Prices

We offer this product to all our customers at competitive prices and are considered with high precision to suit and satisfy users of this popular product in medical, home and office use, to give you the elegance and elegance in design, operation in performance, safety and color harmony.

Topaz® is registered with ISFA and is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

Our Story

Our Products

Our product has received many credits in government and private sector projects such as:

  • Ministry of Higher Education.
  • General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training.
  • National Guard.
  • Royal Air Authority.
  • Ministry of Health.
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Ministry of Interior.
  • The Ministry of Education.
  • saudiOger.
  • Saudi Aramco Company.
  • Ministry of Commerce.
  • General Organization for Social Insurance.

Topaz® product is used in more than 90% of exhibitions and companies selling kitchens and equipment such as:

  • Kitchen Line Company - European Kitchen World - Palace Italian Cuisine - Orchida - European Cuisine.
  • Topaz® is used in most entertainment centers and malls.
  • Topaz® is used in many clinics and medical and health centers.
  • Topaz® is used in many compounds.
  • Residential, villas and hotels.
  • Topaz® is used in many locally and internationally known restaurants.